America Invades

America Invades: How We’ve Invaded or Been Militarily Involved with Almost Every Country on Earth by Christopher Kelly and Stuart Laycock gives us history as it should be taught—calling out for more!

With precision and a love for the bizarre, obscure, and humorous, Kelly and Laycock uncover the lesser-known facts of US military involvement around the world. We’re all familiar with the major wars the United States has fought. But how many know details behind these?

  • We invaded Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north, several times. 
  • American love for food brought about the Watermelon War, Pastery War, and almost the Pig War.
  • The US Camel Corps (indeed!) took a naval voyage to Turkey. 
  • We weren’t done with the United Kingdom in 1776. Two years later we invaded it. 
  • American “Polar Bears” invaded Russia.

Maps enlighten, photographs bring the stories alive, and an index assists in uncovering facts. With an easy writing style, backed by thorough research, Kelly and Laycock reveal wow and I can’t believe it stories. They have no ax to grind, just present the facts, however odd. You be the judge whether the American eagle flies the world with peace laurel or arrows—or both—in its talons.

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Christopher Kelly & Stuart Laycock
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