Tugs and Other Hard-Working Vessels of Puget Sound

This extensively illustrated book provides an in-depth account of Puget Sound tugboating and other marine activities, as well as a description of some typical industries that were dependent upon Puget Sound marine transport in the earlier part of the last century.  It covers the 1920s to the 1960s, although a portion of the material is from years before and after that era.  

Growing Up in New York's Italian South Village

Vivolo touches a chord with us all as he opens his heart and reveals the deep connection among those who formed his neighborhood. Surrounded by relatives and friends whose bonds would remain for life, he experienced what we all yearn for, both for ourselves and our children—unconditional love, support through good times and bad, opportunities to stretch.  In a simple life with limited means, Vivolo shows what we too often forget in our rush to do it all—that what matters most, what we remember always, what truly enriches our lives happens in the moments shared with those we love.  

The Randolph Women & Their Men

Professional historian Ruth Doumlele paints a vividly rich and honest portrait of post-Revolution life in the South. While the Randolphs hold center stage, their exploits bring them together with Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, and others who determined our nation’s legacy. Doumlele brings to life the significant events of those turbulent years, as well as a scintillating view of the private lives---incest, betrayal, unrequited love---of the privileged.  

The Red Glass Ball

The Red Glass Ball: Touching Lives through History is a collection of short stories from centuries past to the future. Tying the stories together is the red glass ball, which somehow appears in a spot of interest in each story. Each story is unique to itself, as we are unique in ourselves. Yet combined, they form an energy and significance, as the ingredients that merge to produce beautiful glass creations. Within each of us there are stories and memories that come through to teach, inspire, and entertain.